How KliksSnap Works Our on-board mileage tracking device - mobile device mileage tracker simplifies mileage capture, for those who prefer an app-free solution KliksSnap calculates your car's mileage accurately based on its location as well as the start and end of your trips Our built in data plan allows your drivers to worry less about [...]
Benefits of integrating with Salesforce Quickly view accounts, leads, prospects, events, and opportunities in real-time directly in the Kliks mobile app. Easily input to, and update Salesforce so your CRM data is always up-to-date. Sales and service managers can trust site visits have occurred since GPS-verified trip data is associated with each account. Address information [...]
Easing the unique challenges of tracking EV mileage With KliksFavr, you can track mileage accurately, right down to battery wear and tire tread. A FAVR rate (fixed and variable rate allowance) accounts for the exact set of expenses between employees and vehicles. Fixed costs are consistent, like registration fees or insurance premiums. Variable costs concern [...]
Customers requested and Kliks answered KliksGeoRates was created out of a customer request from a major player in the rideshare driver world, which shows the guiding principle behind our product innovations—it all circles back to the customer KliksGeoRates is similar to KliksFavr (see our FAVR product) in the way it factors geographically-based living costs into [...]
Working toward a carbon-neutral environment? Our analysis shows that a single-vehicle driven for an average of 5,000 miles a year emits 18 metric tons of carbon dioxide Kliks has created a carbon offset program that offers a pragmatic, short-term solution to work into your long-term carbon reduction plan. Offsetting carbon emissions is a simple, transparent [...]
Driver safety first Kliks' AI-based Safety Solutions provides actionable safety data intelligence that reduces liability and protects your drivers In addition to real-time vehicle tracking, Kliks tracks Motor Vehicle Records and alert administrators at the first sign of an infraction, and the system also facilitates actions based on infractions How it works The system factors [...]
Intelligent Mileage Tracking With Kliks CPM Mileage Reimbursement Across the globe, teams benefit most from our Cents per Mile / Kilometer solution: Perfect for smaller-sized teams, particularly those with drivers who often track within a concentrated geographical area Flexible platform allows reimbursement rates to be adjusted needed, whether using the IRS standard, or setting a [...]
Mileage Capture Made Easier With Kliks Mileage Capture App Our industry-leading mobile mileage tracker app simplifies mileage capture, and can be used anywhere in the world Kliks' mobile app uses AI tech to ensure that each mile is accurately accounted for Kliks' mileage tracker detects business vs. personal miles, sending users notifications and information needed [...]
Driving and maintaining a personal vehicle for business has everything to do with location With Kliks FAVR, you can track mileage accurately, right down to the tire tread FAVR rate: A fixed and variable rate allowance accounts for the exact set of expenses between employees and vehicles. Fixed cost: A fixed cost is a consistent [...]
Make compliance anxiety a thing of the past Kliks Actionable Company Policy Compliance, all driver-related documents are readily stored, accessed, verified, and easy to renew. Whether it’s license, registration, or vehicle insurance information, Kliks securely stores and provides access to these important documents. Kliks will also send real-time notifications if / when a policy document [...]