Our Mission

At Kliks, our objective is to assist your organization in reducing the time and energy invested in managing a vehicle reimbursement or car allowance initiative. Our goal is to free up your employees, managers, and administrators to concentrate on their key responsibilities rather than your vehicle reimbursement program.

Our approach is built around a collaborative ‘you do, we do’ partnership. By partnering with Kliks, you establish your desired reimbursement rate, record and submit mileage using our easy-to-use mobile application, and approve mileage submissions. We handle the rest, ensuring the reimbursement process is straightforward, precise, and equitable. Our commitment to constantly enhancing our product means that you can remain focused on your core business.

About Us

Our Culture

Our Users Inspire Us

Our users are a constant source of inspiration for us. We listen to our users' feedback and suggestions, to enhance our products. Our goal is to assist you in achieving your company's objectives.

We Care About the Environment

Kliks enables drivers to determine their carbon footprint and facilitates the purchase of carbon offset credits from our trusted partners.

Passionate About Technology

As individuals who are passionate about technology, we love applying it to streamline and improve the mileage reimbursement industry.

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Looking Ahead

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate.  Our mileage tracker app is just one small facet of our operation. It’s a single component of the larger engine that drives us forward.

Industry first Realtor CPM / Client Visit module
Integrations with ERP /Finance systems
Early warning / alerts on FAVR policy issues

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