The Kliks Mission

Our goal is to reduce and eliminate the amount of time your company spends on a reimbursement program so that your employees, managers, and administrators can focus on their core jobs.

We think of our solution as a ‘you do, we do’ partnership. You set your reimbursement rate and use our mobile app to track miles. We make sure it’s effortless for your employees to use, ensure reimbursements are fair and accurate, and continually improve our product so you can focus on your core business.

About Us

Our Culture

Our users inspire us

Our focus is to listen to our users, and improve Kliks' products and features, while also helping you achieve your company's mileage tracking goals.

We care about the environment

Kliks helps drivers calculate their carbon footprint, and offers carbon offset credit purchases from partners.

Passionate about technology

We’re technologists at heart and get excited about how it can help improve our lives by making it simpler and less frustrating

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Looking Ahead

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate.  Our mileage tracker app is just one small facet of our operation. It’s a single component of the larger engine that drives us forward.

Industry first Realtor CPM / Client Visit module
Integrations with ERP /Finance systems
Early warning / alerts on FAVR policy issues

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