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Kliks provides comprehensive motor vehicle record solutions in the mileage reimbursement space. We link directly to each state’s DMV to obtain the most up-to-date driver license information. We have a free trial for 5 drivers to check out the service.


Motor vehicle records in 4 easy steps

Choose Your Rate(s)

Choose Your Rate(s)

Use government, custom, or tiered reimbursement rates.

View and Analyze MVR Data

View and Analyze MVR Data

Our AI engine monitors and identifies risky driver behavior.

Actionable Insights from MVR Data

Actionable Insights from MVR Data

Send follow up emails and alerts based on MVR data analysis.

Set Your MVR Frequency

Set Your MVR Frequency

Set any frequency as required or use the continuous monitoring solution.

Driver safety first

Kliks' AI-based Safety Solutions provides actionable safety data intelligence that reduces liability and protects your drivers
In addition to real-time vehicle tracking, Kliks tracks Motor Vehicle Records and alert administrators at the first sign of an infraction, and the system also facilitates actions based on infractions
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Mileage Reimbursement Platform

How it works

The system factors in the age of the vehicle, number of miles driven per day, urban vs. rural conditions, and prior driving history
It predicts which drivers are at greater risk, subsequently providing administrators the opportunity to take preemptive action

Platform-wide GDPR support

Kliks protects users’ personal data according to the requirements of the GDPR as it is transferred to and processed in the United States and Canada. We provide a full range of support features as mandated by the GDPR regulations:

Anonymize Data

Company admins can request that a user's data is anonymized / de-identified.

Data Portability

Admins may export some data directly from their dashboards. Admins can also request additional user data from Kliks, which will be made in a common format.

Data Rectification

Kliks offers users and admins the ability to update personal information that is incorrect.

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Mileage Reimbursement Mobile App

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