Mileage Reimbursements For Your Team - Enterprise and SMB

The only Enterprise-grade Mileage Reimbursement solution that offers flexibility to suit your company’s needs along with CRM and multiple Expense Management system integrations.

A Modern, Cost-effective, Mileage Reimbursement Platform

  • Kliks platform was built from the ground up to solve Mileage Reimbursement needs in the US and globally
  • Our FAVR and CPM solutions are more feature-rich than anything our competitors’ legacy-based systems provide
  • Kliks offers a broader range of integration options with CRMs and Expense Management, and we even have a public API
  • We provide our solution without annual contracts or minimum user counts

Mileage Reimbursements For Your Team – Make your employees happier

  • We strive to cut down on the time and effort that it takes your employees to complete their Mileage Reibmbursment tasks – Administrators, Managers, and Drivers can all benefit from a platform that does the repetitive, monotonous work for them
  • No one wants to miss out on their reimbursements. The Kliks platform uses AI-based technology to ensure the accuracy of reimbursements, tax reports, and everything in between
  • Users love our mobile app and we continually improve app experiences for Drivers and Managers

Kliks platform is the fiscally responsible choice

  • We believe that customers deserve transparency in relation to pricing among other things. So we make our pricing available and public to everyone. Most of our integrations are at a nominal cost and we don’t want to lock you into a contract
  • Our Mileage Reimbursement products are better and offered at a more efficient price-point per user. In fact, our billing system doesn’t charge you for users who are inactive for the whole month, it’s our way of looking out for you

Built for customers large and small

  • Our largest customer has many thousand FAVR-based users in the US and about a thousand more in Europe. They love us for our FAVR product, and CRM integration as much as our global footprint.
  • We support both small to large customers with the same approach: act as a partner to help our customers achieve their business goals and needs.

The competitive difference

  • Mileage Reimbursement – FAVR, CPM, or any other program, we offer a richer set of features than our competitors. Here are a few examples:
    • Payment frequency support – daily, weekly or monthly
    • FAVR rates – our connectivity with vehicle data providers allow us to source granular rates for a broader range of vehicles
    • FAVR compliance – our AI-based technology alerts users well in advance so fewer fall out of compliance
    • Compliance Taxation – our platform predicts and reports in real-time to users what their tax liability is month-over-month so there are no surprises at year-end
    • ACH payments – we offer traditional to same-day payments
    • CRM integrations – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, CRM APIs – we have it all
    • Better commute options – no matter what commute program you require we can support it with our flexible commute rules engine

What makes us better

  • We are technologists who have spent many years in the Mileage Reimbursement industry…and understand your needs as well as pain points with existing solution providers
  • We realized that with few solutions providers in the space, there was little motivation for the leaders to improve their products or technology
  • So we built a platform that not only is better than the rest but we can offer it at a more competitive price because we are innovative and operate more efficiently

Want to move but can’t deal with the lifting and shifting (of data, users)?

  • We can help you migrate users and their associated FAVR rates, trip data, and past reimbursements
  • Our team will work with you and your existing mileage reimbursement provider to seamlessly transition to Kliks

How To Calculate Mileage Reimbursement

  • Efficiency: Kliks simplifies mileage reimbursement by automating calculations, saving time and reducing errors for both employees and employers.
  • Accuracy: Kliks utilizes advanced algorithms to accurately calculate mileage reimbursement based on distance traveled, ensuring fairness and transparency in compensation.

Mileage Reimbursement Calculator

  • Efficient Expense Tracking: The Kliks Mileage Reimbursement Calculator simplifies mileage tracking and accurately calculates reimbursements, streamlining expense management for businesses and employees.
  • Cost Savings: By automating mileage calculations and ensuring accurate reimbursements, Kliks helps businesses save money by reducing errors and minimizing administrative overhead associated with manual mileage tracking and reimbursement processes.