FAVR Rates Based on Geographic Location

Using the IRS definition of fixed & variable reimbursement (FAVR), we are able to define location-based rates for any type of base vehicle that you require at half the cost of other vendors via a completely automated process (selections to delivery).


Access to location-specific mileage rates just got easier

Unlimited base Vehicle Types

Unlimited base Vehicle Types

Compared to other solutions, you can use any number of base vehicles.

Import and Manage Locations

Import and Manage Locations

Add or remove locations using our automated import process.

Choose Rate Refresh Frequency

Choose Rate Refresh Frequency

Flexibility to update rates weekly, monthly, or on a custom schedule.

FAVR Methodology

FAVR Methodology

Proven AI-based FAVR engine that delivers accurate, defensible rates.

Customers requested and Kliks answered

KliksGeoRates was created out of a customer request from a major player in the rideshare driver world, which shows the guiding principle behind our product innovations—it all circles back to the customer
KliksGeoRates is similar to KliksFavr (see our FAVR product) in the way it factors geographically-based living costs into mileage reimbursement. It can break down a cent-per-mile rate for any class and year of a vehicle, right down to the ZIP code
Our partnerships with the biggest automotive and fuel data aggregators give us up-to-the-minute updates on fixed and variable costs across the US
Cents per Mile Reimbursement
Cents per Mile Reimbursement

How it works

Select your mileage capture preferences — App, OBD Device, or both
Set your groups, rates, users, and payment schedules — weekly, monthly
Track your users engagement — activation, mileage, receipts, and reimbursements
Ensure your users mileage is approved and paid
Explore our other services, such as Salesforce integration and MVR

Platform-wide GDPR support

Kliks protects users’ personal data according to the requirements of the GDPR as it is transferred to and processed in the United States and Canada. We provide a full range of support features as mandated by the GDPR regulations:

Anonymize Data

Company admins can request that a user's data is anonymized / de-identified.

Data Portability

Admins may export some data directly from their dashboards. Admins can also request additional user data from Kliks, which will be made in a common format.

Data Rectification

Kliks offers users and admins the ability to update personal information that is incorrect.

Mileage Reimbursement Mobile App
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Mileage Reimbursement Mobile App

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