Benefits of Using Kliks The Best Mileage Reimbursement Mobile App for Your Business

Party of One
Small-Business / Enterprise
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Self-Employed Drivers

Track mileage with Kliks' Mobile App

  • Automate your mileage tracking
  • Eliminate the need to save / look for receipts
  • Better tracking often translates to higher savings / money back at tax time

CRM Integration

  • Create and update your Salesforce content, directly from the Kliks app
  • Plan routes to multiple clients / locations
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Drivers and Managers

Track, submit, and approve mileage

  • Automated mileage tracking via Kliks Mobile App
  • Submit and approve mileage for reimbursement

Salesforce and Expensify Integration

  • Update Salesforce, directly from the Kliks app
  • Associate trips to Salesforce accounts
  • Reimburse business mileage via Expensify
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Manage your reimbursement program

  • Create different reimbursement programs for different employees (CPM or FAVR)
  • Eliminate manual mileage tracking tasks via automation

Leverage data for strategic purposes

  • Understand operational logistics based trip data
  • Identify territories that need additional mobile workforce coverage (sales, customer service, etc.)
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Leverage Customer Visit & Trip data for strategic insights

Kliks is the only Mileage Reimbursement App specifically designed to help customers make use of their teams' trip and visit data in order to generate strategic insights for their sales and service operations. In addition to offering pre-built Business Intelligence data and analysis, our customers can easily integrate any CRM system with our platform or make use of our public APIs for data interchange. With Kliks, Mileage Reimbursement can be a crucial factor in strategic differentiation.

Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement : Discover seamless mileage tracking with Kliks, ensuring accurate data to reimburse mileage expenses. Utilize our Mileage Tracker feature to effortlessly monitor and record your travels, simplifying the process of Mileage Tracking. With Kliks, efficiently Track Mileage and streamline your reimbursement procedures.


CRM based visits


Visit Length > 1 hr.


CRM notes

Beyond just Mileage Reimbursement

From Cent Per Mile, FAVR and Tiered Rates, to Compliance, Driver Risk and Taxes, Kliks has your business covered.
  • Cent Per Mile
  • FAVR
  • Tiered Rates
  • FAVR for PHEV
  • Insurance and Compliance
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • CRM Integration
  • Vehicle Operating Cost

No Annual Contracts

We stand by the superior quality of our products and the technology, talent and customer service that goes to support it. We believe that our pricing and contracts shouldn't trap you, instead free you to make better choices.

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