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Companies and employees want an easy and simple mileage tracking solution that is accurate, automated, cost & time saving as well as easy to use. However, switching from a familiar paper and pen mileage tracking routine to an app-based mileage tracking solution can seem like a difficult transition and many companies hesitate to make the switch.

With the innovation of GPS coupled with the use of smartphone apps, mileage can be automatically and accurately recorded with ease. Gone are the days of forgetting to write down odometer recordings, dates or distances; the app does it all and more. In this article, we will unpack some of the misconceptions surrounding mileage tracking app.

Mileage Tracker App – It Must Be Expensive:

Continuously writing down mileage with pen and paper may seem like a no cost business practice and is further legitimized because so many companies still do it this way. We hear companies say things like “we’ve been doing it this way for decades and it works.” However, when considering the potential for inaccuracy (that can cost firms thousands of dollars); the administrative overhead of reviewing paper based mileage logs and the cost of time required (2 minutes per entry on average) for an employee to calculate their daily or monthly mileage by hand, there’s no question an auto tracking app is cost-savings. The ROI with an app is that it allows your employees more time to focus on business building activities rather than their own administrative housekeeping.

There are many mileage tracking software companies offering expensive solutions. To make matters worse, more times than not, their customers get locked into an ironclad contract for multiple years whether their customers are satisfied or not.

On the flipside, there are smaller up and coming mileage tracking companies that provide a solution with just as many features and a price tag that is sure to make your CFO smile. In addition, smaller companies will strive to keep your business by continuously listening and adapting to your needs instead of relying on a signed contract to keep you.

Mileage Tracking App Are Complicated:

For users who have relied upon other non automated mileage tracking routines, an app may seem intimidating, at first. However, it’s important to note that most well built software apps keep UX or user experience in the forefront during development. A good software company understands intrinsically that if their app creates many frustrated users, the app will not be successful. A good app should be easy to use but further, a good mileage tracking software company should give their customers access to things like:

  • A well organized and easy to use website that has a robust self-serve FAQ
  • Unlimited training and/or demo time for
  • A help desk that can provide answers within 24 hours or

Best Mileage Tracker App

For Administrators: Streamlined Access and Customization Features for Optimal Business Management

For administrators, a mileage tracking solution should provide easy access to view each employee’s recorded business trips and real time trips from any computer or device. With the push of a button the company administrator should also be able to:

  • Set reimbursement rates that are fair and meet your business
  • Set commute deductions by groups and/or individual
  • Easily switch from CPM to FAVR to keep users in
  • Identify mileage trends and average appointment times with CRM

In summary, you have the ultimate choice in what your employees use to track mileage.

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