Policy Compliance

If you use FAVR and other types of mileage reimbursement solutions you will need to ensure that drivers are abiding by both IRS and company policies and regulations. Kliks makes it easy for drivers to be compliant, and makes it easy for admins to ensure compliance using granular business rules and alerts.


Monitor and manage driver compliance

Manage Compliance with the Mobile App

Manage Compliance with the Mobile App

All driver-related compliance features are on the mobile app.

Upload Insurance Policies

Upload Insurance Policies

Drivers can upload multiple policies with version control.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications

Alert drivers who are out of compliance.

Out-of-Compliance Withholding

Out-of-Compliance Withholding

Choose to withhold reimbursements based on a driver's compliance status.

Make compliance anxiety a thing of the past

Kliks Actionable Company Policy Compliance, all driver-related documents are readily stored, accessed, verified, and easy to renew.
Whether it’s license, registration, or vehicle insurance information, Kliks securely stores and provides access to these important documents. Kliks will also send real-time notifications if / when a policy document expires or requires attention.
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How it works

Select from self, manual, or auto-verification powered by the Kliks platform.
The system, or administrators have the ability to notify users whenever compliance requirements aren’t being met.
Stop payments, stop receipt creation, and other actions can follow these notifications if any issue persists.

Platform-wide GDPR support

Kliks protects users’ personal data according to the requirements of the GDPR as it is transferred to and processed in the United States and Canada. We provide a full range of support features as mandated by the GDPR regulations:

Anonymize Data

Company admins can request that a user's data is anonymized / de-identified.

Data Portability

Admins may export some data directly from their dashboards. Admins can also request additional user data from Kliks, which will be made in a common format.

Data Rectification

Kliks offers users and admins the ability to update personal information that is incorrect.

Mileage Reimbursement Mobile App
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Mileage Reimbursement Mobile App

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