Seamlessly Integrate with Salesforce

Enable your teams (Sales, Service, etc.) to view and update CRM data based on geographical location directly from within the Kliks mobile app. We currently support Salesforce and Liondesk CRM's but are happy to work with you to build more!  

Salesforce (CRM) integration with Kliks

Keep Salesforce Data Updated

Keep Salesforce Data Updated

Create and update Salesforce content directly from the Kliks mobile app.

Associate Trips to SF Accounts

Associate Trips to SF Accounts

Trips are easily associated with accounts.

View Leads, Events, etc.

View Leads, Events, etc.

View key Salesforce data directly in the Kliks mobile app.

Integrate with Ease

Integrate with Ease

View Salesforce data by entering your login credentials in the Kliks mobile app.

Benefits of integrating with Salesforce

Quickly view accounts, leads, prospects, events, and opportunities in real-time directly in the Kliks mobile app.
Easily input to, and update Salesforce so your CRM data is always up-to-date.
Sales and service managers can trust site visits have occurred since GPS-verified trip data is associated with each account.
Address information is easily added to Salesforce. Kliks provides complete reverse geocoding so that a driver doesn't need to search for, or enter address information; if it exists publicly, or is in your database, it will automatically be entered as a street address.
Cents per Mile Reimbursement
Cents per Mile Reimbursement

How it works

Start by adding your company's Salesforce API keys to the system
Once enabled users will see a Salesforce icon appear on their Trip screens on the Mobile App
Users can now add Salesforce Appointment related information which instantly syncs with Salesforce
Users can also view Salesforce related information such as accounts/prospects near me
Managers and Stakeholders now have GPS verified insurance in their Salesforce reports

Platform-wide GDPR support

Kliks protects users’ personal data according to the requirements of the GDPR as it is transferred to and processed in the United States and Canada. We provide a full range of support features as mandated by the GDPR regulations:

Anonymize Data

Company admins can request that a user's data is anonymized / de-identified.

Data Portability

Admins may export some data directly from their dashboards. Admins can also request additional user data from Kliks, which will be made in a common format.

Data Rectification

Kliks offers users and admins the ability to update personal information that is incorrect.

Mileage Reimbursement Mobile App
Mileage Reimbursement Platform | Select User Data
Mileage Reimbursement Mobile App

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