FAVR for EV's

Electric Vehicles (EV) accounted for over 2.5% share of all new car sales in 2019 with continued growth forecast after the pandemic. In the next decade analyst project EV’s will take 27% of the vehicle market share in the US and double that in Europe and China.

Consumer sentiment and concerns related to EV’s is quickly changing when it comes to factors like range, vehicle cost, charging time, charging infrastructure, etc. Today these factors are no longer critical barriers to entry as they were only 5 years ago

Today few to none provide any FAVR solution for EV drivers or fleets that comprise EV / PHEV vehicles. At kliks we built EV and PHEV rates into our algorithms and AI. Admins can select from the full range of available EV’s or PHEV’s as base vehicles

At Kliks we are committed to sustainability and a better, greener planet. So the more EV’s we can bring into our fleets the happier we are. Contact us to discuss our innovative Carbon Offset product and FAVR for EV product.