By April daily driver counts in the US dropped to 40% of pre-pandemic numbers. There was a correspondingly lower number of miles driven, with a 45% dip nationwide. There are many positives from this decrease in driving, lower accident counts, lower rates of aggressive driving, and so forth. Reports suggest that aggressive driving behavior normally associated with commuting was down considerably.

Unexpectedly though, the demand for used cars ticked higher during this period with consumers opting to buy cheaper cars and consumers opting out of mass-transit options.

Vehicular traffic will increase as we look to mid-2021 with the mass rollout of vaccines and office travel and business travel slowly returning to normal trends. The question remains whether more employees will prefer to work from home and drive to business meetings from there versus commuting to the office at all.

Kliks will continue to allow drivers to download and use its award-winning Mileage Capture app completely free giving them all the info they need into calculating what it costs to drive their vehicles for business or otherwise.

For employers who will be operating mileage reimbursement plans now and in the future this is a good time to look at the no-contract, cost-saving plans Kliks offers – CPM, FAVR, or custom, you get more power at a lower cost.

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